Meet Cherish

Cherish Head Shot

Nine years ago, I had just gotten my sweet bride down her aisle. I was a wedding planner at the time. While watching the ceremony I found myself mouthing the words of the officiate. I had heard that ceremony so many times. I wondered if the clients ever knew that this same script was read every … single… time. For every… single… client. My job as a planner was to customize EVERYTHING for each couple, so wouldn’t it be great if clients had the options to choose something more personal. Shouldn’t a wedding be personal as well? Nine years, tons of great reviews and countless ceremonies later, I love this work, finding words to suit every client. And frankly, it’s about time!

Meet Tori


Tori, aka “Queen of Weddings” is one of the most upbeat people you will ever meet. Always a smile, always trying to make someone happy and she adds something to a ceremony that you don’t find very often at a wedding ceremony…. FUN!

Meet Mike


Michael Hargrave, also known as Chaplain Hargrave, is anything but a stuffed shirt. Instead, his ceremonies have a way of making guests feel included, of making the bride and groom feel like they’re being talked to instead of talked at. That’s why he is so loved.