The Process

Where to begin!? How do you know that you’re booking the right person? How can you be sure that what you want will be reflected at your ceremony? It starts with a good process and this is … ours 🙂

  1. Talk! Talk to us. 727-344-0304. In this way you can make sure you feel comfortable over the phone, or come meet us in person if you want. Either way, let’s make sure you have the utmost confidence right from the start. ‘
  2. Read! We immediately send you a packet of “sample wording.” All ceremonies have the same BASIC elements (ie. Introduction, Expression of Intent, Ring Exchange, Vows…) in this packet you’ll be able to read samples of each element and choose the style of wording you like.
  3. Book! So far so good- if you’re feeling comfortable with the process, lock down your officiate! Our office staff will help walk you through the process with an agreement that specifies your date/time/location and process a 50% deposit.
  4. Choose! Once booked you can take your time to choose the wording you like from the sample packet. This does NOT MEAN you’re stuck with any of it. It just let’s us know if the wording is geared toward destination weddings, more intimate weddings, traditional or playful. The packet also offers sample readings and sub ceremonies like a sand ceremony, wine ceremony, shell ceremony etc…
  5. Customize! Once you have chosen your framework- your officiate will contact you, and find out what ways you envision the vows to be personalized. We will find out how you met, who you are, what you like, what you don’t like… and incorporate the information to make your personalized vows.
  6. Chill! After that conversation, just hang back and wait for the customized vows to be sent to you for your “okay!” If there’s ANY changes throughout the process, we will change them 100 times, but if you love em- then you can know you’ll walk into your wedding with no surprises.
  7. Rehearse! Our officiates will show up for your rehearsal with vows in hand, collect your license paperwork and ID copies, and walk through the basic format of the ceremony with you.
  8. GET MARRIED! Well you do- we don’t. 🙂 But you’ll do it well because we arrive, in style, 45 minutes early to the ceremony, we get a mic check, look for any ceremony elements you may have and wait until it’s our turn to perform your ceremony.